Friday, December 11, 2009

Kudos for nontraditional higher ed institutions!!!

Empowering words from a high official with the Department of Education for nontraditional higher ed institutions. Twenty years ago this would have never happened. The changes in higher education in our country are summed up by the last paragraph in this article...

"Two-thirds of the students who are underrepresented in higher education enter through community colleges and your colleges," she said. "It's time people understood that nearly half of all students in the country are already in community colleges and career colleges, and the rest are in institutions that are in many ways becoming nontraditional." (Blumenstyk, 2009, Dec. 11).

Take a moment to read the article.

Kudos to educators and administrators in nontraditional higher ed!!!

Blumenstyk, G. (2009, Dec. 11) The Chronicle of Higher Education. High Official in Education Department Has Warm Words for For-Profit Colleges. Retrieved December 11, 2009 from

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