Friday, March 18, 2011

Standardized Testing breeds unethical, pathetic teachers...

Although I'm not a proponent or fan of standardized testing (I hate them, actually), I do find it appalling that teachers, who are entrusted with the education of our children, choose to try and cheat the system by changing test scores themselves (see article by clicking on link below). This unethical behavior contributes to the breeding of a society below the standards expected (based off of tampered, unreliable test scores which make us look smarter than we are) and is done for purely selfish reasons. Increasing a paycheck, in this instance, does nothing for our children who eventually become adults. Adults who have been cheated out of a thorough and well-balanced education and who quite possibly end up in the lower-socioeconomic brackets of our society and end up living off of government assistance. Teachers who lie and cheat with regards to this not only are an embarrassment to my field, but a detriment to it as well.

The Search for a New Way to Test Schoolkids (USA Today)

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