Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Confused Life

Life is but a dream, or so she was told.
Living each day, hoping his goals come true.
Dependent on him to make her happy.
Viewing life through a kaleidescope, confused.

A life depends on her, she birthed into being.
Living each day, hoping things get handed to her.
What is work? We must dream big, he tells her.
Wandering daily with impending doom, sadness.

Found her fathers body, he ended his own life.
Living each day, hoping hers doesn't end the same.
From one tragedy to another, she seems to teeter.
Avoiding dealing with what she must, denial.

Using people in her life, all she knows.
Living each day, hoping to live each day.
Dreaming of a better life, doing nothing to attain it.
Depending on him, her mistake.

For MC

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