Monday, June 21, 2010

Cuban Food

Living in South Florida for the nearly six years that I did introduced me to some of the most fantastic cuisine I have ever tasted...Cuban food. Since moving to Phoenix, we haven't had much Cuban food mostly due to the fact that there are only two Cuban restaurants in the Valley of the Sun. One is an overpriced, cuisine-type restaurant but the other is fantastic. The owners are from Miami and of Cuban descent. We were happy to discover Mimita's Cuban Cafe, however, it's in Chandler which in reality isn't very far away (maybe 25 minutes, without traffic, on the highway), but feels far. And yes, I'm plugging the restaurant and not getting paid for it. It's that good.

Anyhow, last night I suddenly got a craving for the cuisine my hubby grew up on and decided to make the one dish I have mastered, which is Chicken with Mojo marinade and White Rice with Black Beans. I woke up super early, put the chicken, white onion, fresh garlic and Mojo marinade in the crockpot and went back to bed. A few hours later, the smell had permeated throughout the house, so much so that I couldn't stay in bed any longer.

I start to think about making the white rice and black beans when I jump onto Facebook and see a recipe for Congri, which is the same as Moros except with red bean (Moros uses black beans). I'm craving Moros but haven't had the best of luck when attempting to make them on my own. But today, I thought I'd give it another try. And, I'm sure glad I did. My moros came out fantastic and I just finished a nice lunch of Arroz Moros y Pollo en Mojo (hope I didn't butcher that title too much).

Name of the dish aside, the food reminds me of my time in South Florida. Which I miss immensely.

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