Saturday, January 23, 2010

This Week

This week I found myself teaching five different groups, practically back-to-back. During some of the evenings, while listening to the pounding of water on the pavement and rooftop of our home, I reflected on each day. While the work was not expected so quickly, nor was I fully prepared, the challenge of having to quickly prepare is like an extra shot of espresso in my beloved latte. Liquid adrenaline. Driven by the surge of energy helps to calm the nerves when most important. Four out of the five groups were new and I somehow managed to stand up in front of each group and talk and teach. Teaching is nothing I ever expected I would enjoy doing but we don't always realize the gifts that we're given and how they're to be used. This week, surviving a hailstorm of responsibilities that came as quickly and unexpected as the rain.

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